TAYLOR COVID-19 Control Plan - Employee Guidance, part 2

Dear Nemak Team,

A short time ago, the “Coronavirus Update: Returning to Work” document was shared with employees to explain measures being implemented to ensure social distancing, cleaning and prevention, and proper quarantine protocol in every area of our facilities. As we continue to work towards resuming production, further actions that are being taken to reduce the spread of the virus are outlined in this guidance.

Your health remains of the utmost importance. This situation is constantly evolving and decisions are made with the best information available to us. We continue to be engaged with industry colleagues to share best practices for the health and safety of our communities.

We appreciate your commitment and understanding of our efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and see you soon.
Nemak Leadership


COVID19 Control Plan – Employee Guidance, part 2

Face Masks (surgical style)

Surgical style masks supplied by Nemak are required while in our facilities. These masks are not used to protect the wearer from Coronavirus exposure, but rather to reduce the risk of the wearer exposing others from exhaled droplets if they may be infected. Social distancing still needs to be followed while wearing masks.

  • Break Rooms / Cafeterias:
    • Maintain social distancing before removing mask
    • Store mask in closed paper bag marked with name while not in use
  • Locker Rooms / Share Bathrooms:
    • Masks must be worn in this area at all times and social distancing practiced
  • Individual Offices:
    • Maintain social distancing before removing mask
    • Store mask in closed paper bag marked with name while not in use
    • If someone enters your office, masks are to be worn and social distancing practiced
  • Cubical Offices:
    • Maintain social distancing before removing mask
    • Store mask in closed paper bag marked with name while not in use
    • If someone enters your cubical, masks are to be worn and social distancing practiced
  • Conference Rooms:
    • Masks are to be worn at all times and social distancing practiced
  • Work Stations, Production Floor Operations, Material Handling:
    • Mask must be worn in these areas at all times during transit
    • Masks may be removed at workstations ONLY when social distancing of six feet or more is practiced
    • Where social distancing is not possible (ie-work station set up, talking to co-worker), masks must be worn
    • Store mask in closed paper bag marked with name while not in use
  • Smoking Area:
    • Maintain social distancing before removing mask
    • Keep mask away from flames
    • Store mask in closed paper bag marked with name while not in use

To properly wear a surgical style mask:

1. Position mask on your face with blue side facing out by pulling straps around ears (only touch the straps)

2. Pinch top of mask to close it against the bridge of your nose

3. Pull down underneath your chin

When putting on or removing a mask, do so only by touching the straps and not the front of the mask which may be contaminated. Always wash your hands thoroughly (20 seconds) after handling your mask.

If your mask is damaged or needs replacing return to security to receive a replacement. Please only replace your mask if required. As such, surgical style masks may be re-used under the following conditions:

  • The mask maintains its structural and functional integrity (no tears, rips etc.)
  • The filter material is not physically damaged, soiled, or contaminated
  • The same person is re-using the mask
  • When masks are being re-used, they must be stored in a closed paper bag marked with the employee’s name


Temperature Check and General Screening

Temperature screening of all employees, visitors, contractors will continue. In additional to temperature screenings, each employee, visitor and contractor must answer the below questions.

In the last 21 days

  1. Have you been diagnosed with COVID 19 coronavirus?
  2. Have you travelled outside of the State?
  3. Have you been exposed to persons suspected or confirmed to be infected by COVID 19 coronavirus?

In the last 3 days

  1. Have you had a fever greater than 99°F or 37.2°C?
  2. Have you had a persistent cough?
  3. Have you had other breathing problems (e.g. shortness of breath)?

You must notify security if you have answered yes to any of these questions. Individuals will not be allowed onsite if they present a risk of COVID19 coronavirus infection. If you are denied entry into the site, Human Resources and/or Medical Department will be in contact with you.


Work Station Disinfection

All employees are responsible for disinfecting their respective workstation at the start of the shift. The relief person must wipe down the equipment as he/she relieves for breaks. When operator returns from breaks, equipment must be wiped down again.  Specifically, any touchpoint such as control buttons, hoist controls, steering wheel etc. In addition to your normal PPE, gloves are required to be worn when disinfecting your workstation. A safety data sheet SDS is available upon request. Disinfectant materials and instructions will be provided by your department or supervisor.

Conference Rooms must be cleaned before each use. Items to be cleaned include, table tops, chairs, door handles/knobs, light switches and projector remote. The person scheduling the meeting will be responsible for ensuring this is completed.


Locker Rooms

In an effort to reduce locker room traffic, any employee who no longer uses their locker or does not require the use of a locker is asked to remove their belongings and notify the Health Room that they have vacated their locker. Employees who are not in the following job classifications are encouraged to make alternate arrangements to using the locker room for storing items in their locker (ie keep personal belongings at home, change into work shoes in vehicle, etc.):

  • Maintenance
  • Die Machine Operator
  • Die Set
  • Die Repair
  • Alloy
  • Tool Room


Smoking Area

Social distancing must be followed while using the Smoking Area. No more than twelve people may use the Smoking Area at one time. Users must stand on a yellow hash mark or sit across from an “X” on the table. Masks must be put back on prior to accessing the building.

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