Coronavirus Health Screening App

The Nemak Health Screening App is available online HERE

Nemak has developed health screening protocols to help keep people safe from infection. The entry process is critical in maintaining the health and safety of employees and visitors at each of our sites.

In compliance with legal requirements, the locations have implemented measures to question employees, visitors, and contractors as to whether they have traveled outside the region, if they have been identified as a confirmed case of covid-19, or if they have been exposed to potential or confirmed cases of covid-19.

Prior to entering a Nemak facility, all employees and visitors must follow applicable national and local COVID-19 isolation/quarantine protocols.

Upon arrival, all employees and visitors are required to comply with the following protective measures:

  • Maintain a physical distance of six feet (1.8 meters) from other people
  • Wear a Nemak-provided face mask
  • Answer a simple COVID-19 questionnaire*
  • Have temperature screened

*Using the Nemak Health Screening App replaces the need to complete the COVID-19 questionnaire upon arrival to a Nemak facility. Simply, show the "pass" results page at the screening station.



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