Product Updates

Nemak to supply battery housings for the Mustang ​​Mach-E ​

Nemak will produce this component at a facility that will be fully dedicated to the assembly of e-mobility applications.

Nemak offers complete subframe development solutions

For some customers, Nemak manufactures components according to OEM specifications; for other customers, the lightweight construction specialist develops solutions from scratch. In such cases, concept solutions are devised based on different parameters and requirements. These particularly focus on performance, weight and tolerance characteristics – not to mention the efficient u ...

Casting College kick off in Asia

The Asia Casting College kicked off with its first class on December 6th.

Nemak develops alloy that withstands above-average temperatures

Nemak, in collaboration with Fiat Chrysler and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, developed an alloy that can resist heat up to 250 degrees vs current alloys that can tolerate only up to 220 degrees.

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