Core Package System (CPS)
Best mechanical properties process for blocks

Process designed to target best mechanical properties at bulkheads with different alternatives for blocks production:

  • Low Pressure Filled: Bottom filled by pressurized N2 (NLPPS)
  • Low Pressure Roll Over: Mould roll over to maximize properties at deck face (NLPSS)
  • Gravity Roll Over
  • Cosworth: Bottom filled by an electromagnetic pump
High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC)
Thin walls and high productivity

Process used for blocks, transmissions and structural components (including battery trays):

  • Mould cavity is filled at high pressures. (Fill speed > 30 m/s)
  • Produces thin walled castings
  • High productivity and automation possible
Typical mechanical properties for cylinder heads

Nemak-owned technology where the mould is gravity filled by the use of pouring ladle located at the mould:

  • Cast of complex geometries
  • Highest mechanical properties at combustion chambers
  • Process also available for blocks
Gravity in Semi-Permanent Mould (GSPM)
Most commonly used process worldwide

Technology where the mould is gravity filled by the use of a gating system. 

  • Cast of complex geometries
  • Rapid solidification rate, high mech properties at combustion chambers
Counter gravity mould filling

When using this technology, mould is counter-gravity filled by Nitrogen injection:

  • Cast of complex geometries and thin walls
  • No turbulent filling, less oxides generation
  • Highest mechanical properties at pan-rail
Product Assembly
One of our casting solutions for vehicle electrification

Casting and assembly technologies to produce e-motor and battery housings