Health and Safety

The employee's physical integrity is the highest priority at ALFA. Therefore, it focuses special attention to strengthen a safety culture as well as programs for the development of safer working procedures.

Nemak holds every year a Global HSE Week, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability related issues and providing employees with opportunities to strengthen safety practices in the workplace. Additional activities—including daily management walkabouts to identify safety hazards, specialized trainings on working at height, dynamic risk assessments, and the Pause, Think, Act initiative, among others— contributed to reduce the rate of accidents compared with the previous year.

Training and Development

In 2018, we provided an average of 19 hours of training per employee for the improvement of their skills and education, continued to strengthen diversity and flexibility in the workplace, and convened staff members to participate in applied learning challenges, such as The Quest and Engenius programs.

These were opportunities for participants to collaborate as part of interdisciplinary teams to address a variety of technical and administrative challenges related to Nemak’s production processes.

Diversity and Inclusion

We offer job opportunities without regard to nationality, gender, religion, race, economic status or sexual orientation. Moreover, it fosters the creation of jobs for people with physical disabilities.