Recycling and Waste Reduction

Because of the benefits of recycling, this is a permanent activity in our parent company, ALFA, as it helps to conserve natural resources, and decrease the use of energy and harmful emissions into the atmosphere. ALFA mainly recycles aluminum and plastics. Programs for waste reduction including paper, cardboard, steel, wood and lubricants, among others have also been established.

At Nemak, we make responsible use of raw materials in our manufacturing processes. The company works towards using recycled materials as much as possible. The use of recycled aluminum in our operations is approximately 80% on average.

CO2 Emissions

We continuously implement actions specifically aimed at reducing emissions, such as continuous maintenance and improvement of equipment and planning of the operations.

Additionally, we responded to sustainability questionnaires from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), RobecoSAM, and the Sustainability Index of the Mexican Stock Exchange, providing  detailed information on our ESG strategy and actions regarding this topic.


At Nemak, we continuously seek opportunities to improve energy efficiency through several initiatives at our production sites including identifying and eliminating air leaks, installation of new equipment an the acquisition of new heating systems. 

Since 2006, our parent company, Alfa, has established programs to optimize energy consumption, including the design of more efficient equipment and the use of technologies that allow for a more efficient consumption of energy and/or the use of alternative sources.



While our operations are not water-intensive, we understand our responsibility for the protection and conservation of this critical resource. In 2018, we started running our 15th water treatment plant, which contributed to treating more than 5.9 million m3 and reusing more than 203,000 m3 in our processes.