Alfa Foundation

Nemak contributes to ALFA Foundation, an institution that promotes and supports initiatives that contribute to improving the quality of life of the communities. The ALFA Foundation is actively involved with several worldwide organizations on projects focused on three priority areas:

  • Education, as ALFA believes is the main driver of a society's development.
  • Nutritional Health, specially focused on improving child nutrition given its growing concern around the world.
  • Environmental Sustainability, mainly by raising awareness of its importance and the impact that individual actions have.
Social Assistance

Nemak supports initiatives which have a direct impact on communities under the philosophy of helping people move forward by themselves.

In-kind or cash donations supported a total of 73 social assistance institutions, and 390 employees invested 15 hours on average per employee in volunteering activities. Additionally, 569 students benefited from 65 agreements with universities and the internships in Nemak’s facilities.