Nemak is committed to delivering world-class sustainable procurement solutions that meet our customers' needs. This requires a commitment from our suppliers to provide the same to us. In order to achieve this, all current and potential suppliers must meet:

  • Suppliers for components, services (e.g. heat treatment, surface treatment, machining etc.) and material (foundry and master alloys) must have a certification according to the ISO 9001/VDA 6.1 as a minimum.
  • Suppliers for calibration of measurement equipment and measurement of products must have an accreditation according to ISO 17025 or national equivalent.
  • Maintain a responsible Environmental Management System which complies with all applicable legal requirements
  • Suppliers must have an effective quality management system in place with adequate resources to comply with all Nemak and Nemak customer(s) requirements.
  • Comply and accept NemakĀ“ s policies and accept our General Terms and Conditions.