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High-class components from the heart of Basque Country

Ever since the acquisition in 2012 the site in the basque Etxebarria, situated in northern Spain, is part of the Nemak Group. In 2016 it celebrates its 60th birthday.

Nemak Etxebarria plays a significant role for the Iberian, French and British automobile markets which are all easily accesible due to the ideal location. Additionally the nearby harbour in Bilbao enables the site to export to overseas.

Another special feature is the own Product Development Center (PDC) on the ground.

The products with the highest number of units in Etxebarria are oilpans and transmissions made of aluminum. Characteristic is the preferred production using the HPDC-method (High Pressure Die Casting).

Products & Technologies
Innovation for Sustainability

Nemak Etxebarria stands for perfection and innovation in the fields of oilpans and transmission, as well as a variety of other automotive components.

The most frequently used, state-of-the-art High-Pressure-Die-Casting-technology allows an especially efficient production at best quality.
Most of processed aluminum is melted of aliminum refuse in the factory-owned aluminum smelter – this recycling process is a considerable contribution to sustainability.

As an employer Nemak is aware of its responsibility regarding the employees health and safety. For this reason trainings regarding this subject are regularly been offered and the adherence to safety rules is controlled internally like externally.

Product Development Center
Lead function in global development of HPDC process

Within the Nemak Group Nemak Extebarria holds a lead position in the development of HPDC process. This includes:

  • M-1 technical elaboration (RFQ phase)
  • Global co-ordination of HPDC facilities
  • New product and technologies development
  • R&D
  • Development and technology transfer to the other HPDC locations
  • Technical support
  • Training of engineers and technicians from other facilities

Our vision is to be a global well-known, competitive and innovative leader of HPDC technology.

Social Responsibility
Involvement in our neighbourhood

Giving employment to around 500 people, Nemak is the third largest employer in the region arount Etxebarria. To live up to this, Nemak is engaged in several regional projects which not only the staff but all citizens of Etxebarria benefit from.

We are, for instance, happy to announce that Nemak sponsors the famous cycling race Vuelta ciclista al País Vasco; bask. Euskal Herriko txirrindulari itzulia within the framework of the 60 years anniversary and has a partnership with the local fire department.

Equality is one of our corporate culture’s main principles. We can proudly say that with 33% of female employment we managed to turn our equality-plan into reality - being a pioneer in the automotive industry.

General Contact:

GalarzaPoligono Industrial, 1
48277 Etxebarría, Bizkaia

Mail: nemak.spain@nemak.com