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Grown to a global player for high-class cylinder heads

Nemak Győr is both an important member of the global company and the region’s most significant plant working in the field of light metal casting.

The aluminium foundry in Győr manufactures cylinder heads for petrol and diesel engines serving car engine manufacturers in the world. With its innovative developments, top quality products, and high-tech tools and machinery it has become a global player in the last 25 years.

Having expanded by adding 5 production halls and increasing the number of its employees from 150 to 1200 both indicate the continuous development of the factory and its growth potential. The current production capacity per year is about 3 million parts.

Products & Technologies
Solid process for producing 13,000 cylinderheads per day

The main activity of Nemak Győr is the production of cylinder heads, which begins with core making in the warm room. Sand cores form the cavities of the cylinder heads during the casting process.

The solid aluminium ingots are melted at 750 degrees Celsius in huge melting-furnaces. The molten aluminium can be poured into the die after being cleaned and undergoing a thorough preparation.  

An extremely important phase in the warm room is the casting. This is when the sand cores are placed into the die and are then surrounded by the molten aluminium. We apply world class die casting technologies in our factory supported by the latest robotised machinery.

The solidified, semi-finished casting is transferred to the cold room. In the processing line, sand, pieces of the core and other unnecessary metal parts are removed.

The next phase in the production of the cylinder heads is the CNC machining. The extent of which depends on the customer’s requirements and also determines the significant added value.

We are committed to meeting the requirements of our customers. That is one of the main reasons why quality control plays a remarkably important role during the manufacturing process.  Each cylinder head has to pass through all of the stations of the statutory and strict quality assurance.

Every day an average of 13,000 cylinder heads start their journey to customers worldwide, logistics has a leading role in the on time transfer of raw materials needed for production and the delivery of the finished products that have been checked and found flawless. 

Corporate Responsability
We take care of our social environment

In Nemak Györ Ltd. we contribute to our comunitie's well-being:

Different actions have been taken related to corporate social responsability where we support different organizations related to charity, sports, etc

This contributes to physical and mental development of young people at Györ

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